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Dedicated to Improving Whitetail Land
Posted by Bill Winke on 08.28.11

I started Midwest Whitetail Properties because I love whitetail deer hunting land. I love buying it, I love improving it, and occassionally - under the right conditions - I also love selling it. Let's not forget that done right, recreational land can make a good investment.

In the pages of this site, you will find the two distinct services that we offer. First, we strive to offer a valuable resource for anyone who owns, leases or wants to own deer hunting land. We do this this through informative blogs, a regular video series (we plan to update the videos on the main player every two weeks year around with educational programs about improving the landownership experience) and through the articles you will find on the site. Also, eventually, you will learn from the hands-on experiences of some of the owner/sellers who profile the particular properties they are selling. More about that next.

Second, we offer a creative advertising environment for realtors and for-sale-by-owner sellers. The content of the site attracts people who are potentially looking to buy land. Sellers have the option of a basic year-long listing service with qualified, deer hunting visitors (promoted aggressivelyl through the the Midwest Whitetail site and webshows) or they can step up to a more value-added service in which we actually create a video showcase and regular blog entries for the property they have for sale. Using this service we can tell a bigger story of the featured property. The buyer learns more, has less risk and anyone looking for case studies in management methods has another cool resource to study. It is a very dynamic way to promote hunting land.

As I said, I have bought (for myself or for partners) a lot of deer hunting land and as a result, I feel that certain information makes the process easier. First, I want to know as much as I can about the property. I want to see what it looks like, sure, but just as importantly, I want to see what kind of experience a person can have owning that particular piece of land. After all, what we are really buying at the end of the day, is an experience - a place where we can get away and relax - reconnect with the outdoors, plant a few food plots, become stewards - and find some peace. As a buyer, I want to eliminate risk as I try to work through this process. That is our goal when we set out to profile featured properties - to eliminate as much risk as possible from the buying process - almost like test driving a piece of land before buying it!

That is what we are all about. If you are buyer, hopefully we will have some properties here that interest you. If not right away, certainly over time. If you are a seller, hopefully we are attracting the kinds of visitors that love deer hunting land and are highly qualified buyers. For landowner, we hope to offer lots of good information to help them make their properties better.

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